Motor City Hoops Podcast All Star Weekend Reaction w/Sham Mohile

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1 year ago

Posted: 1 year ago
On this episode of the Motor City Hoops podcast I am joined by Sham Mohile, contributor at DetroitBadBoys, and major Detroit Piston fan. Sham is a person I have got to know pretty well over the past couple of months and I was so excited to talk All Star Weekend and Detroit basketball with him. We do dive into the aforementioned All Start Weekend to start off the episode with a special emphasis on Cade, Bey, and Stewart. We also touch on what we saw pre ASB from a few members of the roster and what we would like to see going forward. We finish off the episode with another fun week of Sheed or Sham Buddy Boeheim Jersey. I can not thank Sean Corp, Lazarus Jackson, Ben Gulker, and all of detroitbadboys. com enough for everything they have done for me and MCH
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