Why Products Services Not Visible On Major Search Engines...

Important Message to members selling Products or Services on AfroWorld.tv You Need Search Engines To Optimize The Products or Services You're Selling.

When listing your Products or Services, do yourself a favor 

1) - Give a good name (Title) that contend between 5 to 9 words, starting with the name of your products or services.

2) - Write a very good description between 500 to 1000 words about your products or services, telling customers why they should buy your products or services

3) -  Take some very nice pictures or video of your products or the services your are selling and upload, with at least 5 words in the title, Description, at least 500 words, with nice images or video of your your products or services.

It's better for you to take time and list one item the right way that will sell everyday through search Engines, than to rush and list 100 items the wrong way that will be hard for sarch engines to optimize.

I hope this will help.