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Pan African Daily Television AfroWorld Connects Africans Worldwide Diaspora, African Descendants. Here we socialize share our unique experiences and Ubuntunize. Through the PanAfricanDTV, we tell our stories - from us to us!

UBUNTU: We were once LOST but now we are Found! .

AFROWORLD.TV Family Welcome Home!

AfroWorld is home to Africans on the Continent (Eastern, Southern, Western, Central and Northern Region), Diaspora and People of African Descent - Blacks in the Americas, Europe, Asian…worldwide.

AfroWorld is committed to connecting Africans worldwide for a UNiTED AFRICA.

Please I can’t Breathe – R.I.P George Floyd.

Let the redeemed, in exile „ComeBackHome and breath“ In the words of Luther-„Free free free at last Thank God, we are free at last„ Joshua Maponga To all Fallen Heros – Since 400yrs in Slavery , through wars and conflicts on the continents, dead at seas crossing to seek greener pastures, fallen Diaspora going through all sorts inhumane treatments.

Be aware, here is home, a place from us to us. We are Family.

AfroWorld is reaching out to 1.3+ Millions of Africans on the Continent + 355+Mio in the Diaspora. In this family we share Ideas, Inspire, Learn, Teach, Mentor, support and make Africa the GREATEST Nation. Here we Dance, Laugh, Share Stories, Build Our Communities, Eat and Celebrate Life.


Share your projects, raise funds and change Lives, Use our build Apps to meet, connect, business and projects worldwide, Far from home but stay connected through messaging, keeping the family warm.


Come IN. Bring IN your Brother and Sister on Board, AfroWorld’s connecting and empowering Africans to find Home.


UBUNTU – I am because you Are! The Voices of African People Worldwide: Telling our stories through History, Literature, Music, Theater, Arts, Economy and More

Uniting Africans Worldwide:

400yrs of disconnection, miscommunication, miseducation, misbelives, misbehaviors, miscultures..we are only starting over again. Come on board, bring your brother and sister along.

Enough is here for Everyone:

We’re making sure everyone of us has the minimum required to get engage, use what you need freely. Be your Brothers and Sisters Keeper We know who we are, nevertheless we are making sure we protect each others safety, respecting your privacy is our utmost priority.

Build your community and grow Make sure you are here, not just to grow your businesses but to build your local, rural communities Back home. When you invest in your people, success shall follow you.


Here we Dance, Laugh, Share Stories, Build Our Communities, Eat and Celebrate Life. Even when we quarrel and fight, we get up greet eachother and move on. AfroWorld Powered by "The Africa we want“ E.V Independent Non-Profit Organization, Operational on the Entire continent of Africa and in the Diaspora, registered in Stuttgart, Germany. Dedicated to all 89 Countries of Africa – 55 on the Continent + 39 in the Diaspora.


Dedicated to African Youths, Women and Men Headquarters:

AFRICA Legal Advicers Lumumba & Lumumba Advocates. Associate Law Firms: Dr. Binder u. Mögle, Reutlingen - Germany.